European Mechatronics Meeting
International conference and exhibition,
The annual event dedicated to mechatronics for industry.

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Creating together the future mechatronic

Artema is the French Mechatronic Industries Association. Almost 120 companies producing products, systems and solutions in many areas as hydraulic, mechanic and pneumatic transmissions, sealing technologies, bearings and linear motion are members of our trade association.

From the beginning ARTEMA members were grouped in several divisions in order to respond to particular problems from each profession and to keep proximity with their own preoccupations.

These groups are:

  • Chains and Transmssion Elements
  • Bearings and Linear Motion
  • Fluid power: Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Sealing Technologies
  • Gear and Gear boxes
  • Mechatronics

To promote and develop mechatronic in France, and Europe, Artema has signed partnerships with the CETIM (technical centre of mechanic industries), THESAME (First European network in mechatronic training/ research/industry), UNM (union for mechanic standardization) and UTC (The Compiègne’s University of technology).
ARTEMA is member in France of FIM and in Europe of CETOP, EUROTRANS and FEBMA.

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