European Mechatronics Meeting
International conference and exhibition,
The annual event dedicated to mechatronics for industry.

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The headquarters of Thesame was established in Haute Savoie, where we find the biggest national concentration of industry, training and research in mechatronics. For the industrial sector, we provide the three following services:

Knowledge sharing:

  • EMM (European Mechatronics Meeting), the most important annual event dedicated to mechatronics
  • a collection of CD-roms providing state of the art in mechatronics
  • dedicated industrial club
  • The JITEC newspaper, with internet version dedicated to the flow of mechatronic information, mechatronics column
  • Chairing or labelling mechatronic events (ex. SCS exhibition mechatronic platform).

Skills transfer:

Thesame offers a package of training activities dedicated to mechatronics. In particular, we have developed, with a variety of partners including the Cetim, the first complete continuous training course under the wing of CimeO group.

Technology transfer:

We work towards the elaboration and the follow-up of innovative projects coming from individual companies or inter-business consortiums, R&D departments, public or private research centers. This service is essentially concentrated in the Rhone-Alp region.

We also play a part in advising public professional organisations with, for example:
•    The preparation of competitive cluster Arve-industries - from precision machining towards mechatronics, we also assure the co-management and the link with MoveO, ViaMeca and Minalogic.
•    The structuring of an initial training course in mechatronics from ‘A’ level to Doctorate in particular with the University of Savoie,
•    The support for installations for innovative business or skills centres, like CETIM mechatronic in Annecy.

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